From start to finish, our capabilities are a list that few others can match.

Our complete set of services integrate with your brand and teams to deliver design and processes that are objective based and performance oriented.

001 Research

This is where everything starts. Extensive market, consumer and competitor research, determines the what will work best for your brand and your audience. We work with your key decision makers, tying their experience to our own cutting-edge awareness all to pinpoint the true commercial product opportunity ahead.

002 Concept Design

Concept design is inspiration realized through emotive ideas and detailed technical storyboards with the sole purpose of establishing a clear product direction. Our process is highly collaborative and we strive to maintain a constant dialogue with you and your team as we iterate and evolve concepts. Together.

003 Graphic Design

Our team of talented graphic designers are here to help communicate your product and brand promise precisely. All of our designs are backed by solid commercial research paired with smart layout, color, imagery and function, that engages your existing customers as well as inspiring new ones.

004 Industrial Design

Our industrial designers are expert in the connection between product and consumer. Armed with skill and insight they are able to take concepts into a physical plane. Using high-powered technical sketching and computer-aided 3D design and modeling, we can demonstrate exactly how your brands product will look and act in the real world.

005 Brand Development

Your brand is your promise to the world. It is what people depend on and know you for. Through, research, interviews, workshops, positioning, identity development, documentation and guides as well as brand activation, we help our partners build their best brands (and products).

006 Engineering

Everything we develop is designed for optimum performance and manufacturability. It is the job of our engineers to answer the questions: “How can it be manufactured?”, “How will it behave in a real-life setting?”, so the vision can be translated into physical reality.

We prototype, refine and collaborate until it works. We are relentless in our commitment to quality and performance and proudly document all projects in the universal technical language spoken by factories worldwide.

007 Development

From initial concept though production-ready product, our product developers drive each project, ensuring all the key objectives, timeframes and deadlines are met. In our constant pursuit to create the best products, we work with you and your brand in tandem every step of the way as we develop and refine. Meticulous consumer research, design execution, communication with manufacturers and coordination with testing facilities around the globe, development is where it happens.

008 Testing

A huge part of what we do lies in performance testing. We are proud to make high-performance products for some of the world’s most physically demanding sports, in the most inhospitable climates. Our uncompromising testing approach ensures that your brand’s products perform while adhering to the world’s most stringent standards.

009 Manufacturing

We are proud to have built long-standing, highly-enduring partnerships with some of the world’s best manufacturers, giving us an unparalleled range of capabilities for physically produced hard and soft goods. Additionally we are experienced in packaging, labelling and instruction manuals as well as coordinating deliveries to distribution centers with speed, efficiency and care, getting things where they need to be, when they need to be, worldwide.