A complete end-to-end product design and development service. It's an offer that few others can match.

No matter what level of involvement is required, we can provide it, integrating seamlessly into your existing teams to deliver against your key objectives.

001 Research

Starting with extensive market, consumer and competitor research, we will determine the very best type of product for your company and audience. In doing so, we’ll work with your key decision makers, tying their experience to our own cutting-edge awareness, pinpointing the true commercial product opportunity ahead.

002 Concept Design

Next, we’ll provide inspiration through emotive ideas and detailed technical storyboards that establish a clear direction for your design, bringing your ideas into the real world. This is a collaborative process during which we maintain a constant dialogue with you and your team as we evolve these concepts together and until you are completely happy.

003 Graphic Design

Our leading-edge graphic designers use innovative color and images to create stunning visual designs – backed by solid commercial research – that communicate your product promise precisely. Through this, we inspire your existing customers to upgrade and brand new audiences to switch over.

004 Industrial Design

Our industrial designers are experts in considering the connection between product and consumer, using this insight to take your concepts into a physical plane. Using high-powered technical sketching and computer-aided 3D design and modelling, we can show you exactly how your product will look and behave in the real world.

005 Engineering

Everything we develop is designed for optimum performance and manufacturability. So, our engineers are tasked to guarantee that your vision can be made into a physical reality. How can it be manufactured? How will it behave in a real-life setting? How exactly will we create this? Whatever the question, it’s down to our engineers to find the answers, calculating everything from the product overview down to the smallest detail.

They are aided by our rapid prototypes, helping to make sure the theory works in practice. We relentlessly refine and fine-tune a product – working closely with the client. When all parties are fully satisfied, we’ll provide the necessary documentation, using the universal technical language spoken by factories worldwide.

006 Development

Our product developers drive each project from initial concept though production-ready product, ensuring all the key objectives are met along the journey.  We’ll be in constant contact with you, working in tandem every step of the way as we develop and refine your product. We oversee every detail, from conducting meticulous consumer research, design execution, communication with manufacturers and coordinating with testing facilities around the globe. All the while, we’ll be communicating with you, and making sure all your timeframes and deadlines are met.

007 Testing

At Jett, we make high-performance products for some of the world’s most physically demanding sports, destined to be used in the world’s most inhospitable climates. Because performance is of such paramount importance, a huge part of what we do lies in performance testing. It means we undertake an uncompromising approach that ensures your brand adheres to the world’s most stringent standards.

008 Manufacturing

Over time, we’ve developed long-standing, highly-enduring partnerships with the some of the world’s best manufacturers. This means we can provide an unparalleled range of capabilities not only for physically producing both hard and soft goods but also getting them to where they need to be. Where required, we’ll take care of packaging, labelling and instruction manuals and coordinate deliveries to worldwide distribution centers with speed, efficiency and care.